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Monuments to Collaborators

Monuments to Collaborators Temporary memorial to Frani Tente in Split

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Croatia is the main sponsor of the establishment of memorials in honor of the "victims of the war and the post-war period" (primarily the victims among the Croatian nationalists in April-September 1945) Since 1998 to date, 81 such monuments have been erected at the expense of the state budget.

In particular, in 2019, with the financial support of the municipal authorities of Valpovo, a memorial was erected in honor of "all Croatian soldiers who gave their lives for the Independent State of Croatia." On the building of the local administration of Zadar, a commemorative plaque was placed in the form of the borders of the NGH, which depicts the coat of arms of the collaborationist state.

In December 2019, the municipal authorities of Split decided to erect a monument to Frani Tenta, an Ustaše supporter of the pro-Nazi Independent State of Croatia, who in April 1947 hoisted the flag of this state in the Telegrina area in Split.

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