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Monuments to Collaborators

Monuments to Collaborators Bust to Roman Shukhevich in Edmonton, Alberta

There are several monuments in Canada to the collaborators who fought on the side of Hitler's Germany in World War II. These are the monument to the fallen fighters of the 14th SS Division "Galicia" in Oakville, the bust of Roman Shukhevich in Edmonton and others. All of them were installed by Ukrainian immigrant organizations.

Many of them were created in the 50s of the 20th century by Ukrainian immigrant organizations that united those who participated in the war in the ranks of nationalist formations, such as OUN-UPA, Ukrainian auxiliary police or directly to military units of Wehrmacht, as the same 14th SS division. According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Canada, with British support, received more than 2,000 former members of this infamous Ukrainian Waffen-SS division at that time. According to the CBS news program "60 Minutes," about the same time about 1,000 other SS and Nazi collaborators, mostly from the Baltic states, moved to Canada. They openly lived under their names in Canada for 47 years, established their non-profit organizations, their cultural and educational infrastructure, etc. They openly honored the memory of their fallen comrades as well as the figures of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. These monuments were built at their own expense, but they received quite substantial financial support from the Canadian government.

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