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Most attacks in 2014 happened in the capital.

On April 19, a black French woman was assaulted in Sofia. On July 5, around 20 supporters of the nationalist Ataka party tried to disrupt the gay-parade event in Sofia, temporarily blocking transport near the University of Sofia. They were blocked by the police.

On October 11, a pregnant Bulgarian woman and her Moroccan husband were attacked in Sofia.

On April 14, a group of nationalists attacked Jehovah’s Witnesses in Berkovitsa On July 21, Bulgarian town of Stara Zagora started to demolish the illegal Roma houses – 33 in total. This caused a lot of protest among the locals, who started throwing rocks at the law enforcement, resulting in two people injured.

On August 6, two Jehovah’s Witnesses were attacked in Stara Zagora.

On August 9, Jehovah’s Witnesses were attacked in the village of Zhilentsi.

On September 14-15, police of Burgas clashed with residents of the Roma quarter. Two police officers were injured and twenty Roma were arrested.

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