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Vandalism The monument-crypt to the soldiers of the Soviet Army, established in the Sofia quarter of Lozenets, was desecrated on August 2, 2014

On February 23, unknown vandals desecrated a monument to the Soviet army in Sofia. Ukrainian flag was drawn on the commemorative inscription and one of the sculptures was painted in Ukrainian yellow-blue colours.

A memorial to Bulgarian partisans in Sofia was desecrated on the night of March 5. The monument was painted with national colours of Ukraine and Poland. On the pedestal, vandals wrote “Putin, go home”, “Crimea 2014” and “Katyn 05.03.40”.

On May 8, a tomb monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army was desecrated in the Sofia Lozenets quarter. It was then painted red on August 2.

On the night of May 9th, Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia was highlighted in the form of a flag of the European Union. Also, using light effects on the monument there was an inscription "This monument is the symbol of the crimes of the Communist regime".

On September 7, four people, including a candidate MP from the Reformative Bloc, were arrested in Sofia for writing “Occupiers” on the Soviet Army monument.

On August 31, vandals destroyed tombstones on a Russian military cemetery and desecrated a memorial complex in Veliko-Tyrnovo.

In February 2022, a monument to the Soviet Army in the city of Burgas in southern Bulgaria was attacked by vandals. It was painted with anti-Russian graffiti. Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova expressed indignation over the act of vandalism.

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