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The most tragic event that took place in Slovakia in the context of manifestations of extremism, without a doubt, is the attack on a Filipino in the center of Bratislava.

After the death of Henry Akordu in the Ruzhinovskaya hospital on May 31, 2018, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the National Council, K. Chefalvayova, initiated the adoption by the parliament of a special statement condemning all forms of hatred in the country. “If we accept xenophobia and hatred, whether with a stone in hand or on a Facebook page, the police on every corner will not help us to perform the necessary public functions. The heinous act [of attacking a Filipino] is largely the result of the legitimization of extremists in public space that encourages violence.” K. Cefalvaiva's initiative was supported by 132 deputies, only Anton Khrnko (SNS) voted "against".

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