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Report "Xenophobia and Radicalism in the UK (2017)"

Report "Xenophobia and Radicalism in the UK (2017)"

Professor Matthew Feldman is the Director of Center for Analysis of the Radical Rights (CARR), a specialist on fascist ideology and the far-right in Europe and the USA. He has written widely on these subjects, for both academic and general audiences. He has long researched the interaction between politics and faith in the modern world, and has taught these subjects for some two decades to school, undergraduate and postgraduate students. An Emeritus Professor in the History of Modern Ideas at Teesside University, in 2013 Prof. Feldman led Britain’s first unit dedicated to analysis of radical right extremism, the Centre for Fascist, Anti-fascist and Post-fascist Studies (CFAPS), and prior to that, directed the Radicalism and New Media Group at the University of Northampton. He is a Visiting Professor at Richmond, the American University in London, having previously held fellowships at the universities of Bergen (Norway), Birmingham and Oxford (thrice). He is an editor of Wiley-Blackwell’s online journal, Compass: Modern Ideologies and Faith, and co-edits two academic book series Bloomsbury Publishers, Modernist Archives and Historicizing Modernism.

Professor Feldman is the author or editor of more than 20 books, including three monographs, and more than 40 articles or academic book chapters. Published volumes underpinning his expertise include Clerical Fascism in Interwar Europe (Routledge 2008); A Fascist Century (Palgrave: 2008); and, with Roger Griffin, the five-volume collection Fascism: Critical Concepts (Routledge 2003). More recent volumes include Doublespeak: The Rhetoric of the Far-Right since 1945 (Columbia University Press. 2014); The ‘New Man’ in Radical Right Ideology and Practice, 1919-1945 (Bloomsbury 2017), as well as the journal specials ‘Far-right Populism and Lone Wolf Terrorism in Contemporary Europe’ (Democracy and Security, 2013) and ‘The Ideologies and Ideologues of the Radical Right’ (Patterns of Prejudice, 2016). His most recent monograph, Ezra Pound’s Fascist Propaganda, 1935-1945, appeared with Palgrave in 2013, and his second collection of essays, Politics, Intellectuals and Faith, is due to appear in 2019. Professor Feldman has also contributed several dozen reviews to Times Higher Education, in addition to a wide range of comment texts and opinion pieces for online and print outlets.

Prof. Feldman is the Visiting Professor of the Richmond, the American University in London, Professorial Fellow, University of York and Member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Dr. William Allchorn is the Associate Director, CARR, Postdoctoral Researcher in the University of Leeds and Visiting Lecturer in Politics, Leeds Trinity University. Dr William Allchorn is a specialist on anti-Islamic protest movements and radical right social movements in the UK and Western Europe. His PhD thesis mapped political, policing and local authority responses to the English Defence League in five UK locations. William is now working on his first research monograph under contract with Routledge – looking at policy responses to the EDL and Britain First over the past decade. His previous published work has looked at the dynamics of activism within anti-Islam movements and counter-extremism responses towards such groups. William has taught undergraduate courses and given lectures on the radical right in Western Europe; both at the social movement and party political level. Previous consultancy has included delivering counter narrative engagement sessions in the North East of England and putting together a ‘Countering Radical Right Narratives’ educational pack due for the Department of Education ‘Educate against Hate’ website.

In their report on Xenophobia and Radicalism in modern Britain, the authors brilliantly reveal the theme of the growth of these phenomena after voting on exit from the EU, analyze the main trends, give a detailed picture of the British right-wing parties and groups, as well as Islamist movements in this country . In conclusion, the authors elaborate on recommendations that could help correct the situation with intolerance, and not only in Britain, but also in other European countries.

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