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Public Actions

Public Actions

History textbooks, which are used by students since 2009, due to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education give an estimate of the historical events from the perspective of Moldova as part of the Romanian state. Based on this logic, textbooks whitewash the Romanian fascist Antonescu, but there is no mention of the more than half a million victims in Bessarabia, northern Bukovina, and Transnistria while being occupied by Romanian troops.

Moldovan authorities with ideological support of Romania try to abandon the celebration of the Day of Victory over Fascism, setting a right-wing radical alternative to May 9 as Victory Day, which creates conditions for the revision of the history of the Second World War.

On November 5, at a Halloween masquerade in a Chisinau club Cocos Prive a German citizen Herbert Schiesser appeared in a uniform with a swastika, and lifted his hand in a Nazi salute.

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