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In 2014, 2 hate-motivated murders were reported. No such cases were reported in 2015. In 2016, there was a single murder based on hatred (officially recognized as such). This is the shooting of a representative of the right-wing extremist movement "Citizens' Movement of the Reich" in a police officer in October 2016 with a fatal outcome.

In 2019, right-wing radicals committed two politically motivated murders. The most high-profile was the murder of Walter Lübke (CDU), head of the Kassel district government. He was shot in the head on the terrace of his own house on June 1, 2019. The murderer and his assistant were found and detained. Both are activists of right-wing extremist movements. The motive for the crime was Lübke's political position: he was purposefully in favor of accepting refugees from crisis regions of the world and insisted on providing humanitarian aid to those in need. In addition, 7 assassination attempts were uncovered, of which 5 were planned by right-wing extremists and 2 by left-wing extremists.

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