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Persecution of Human Rights Activists and Anti Fascists

Persecution of Human Rights Activists and Anti Fascists Chairman of the Anti-fascist Committee of Finnland Johan Beckman.

A number of high-ranking representatives have publicly spoken out against Johan Beckman, who promulgates anti-fascist ideology. At the end of September, Tom Pakalen, a parliamentary member of the Finns Party, demanded Beckman be taken into custody immediately to question him of his suspected involvement Russia affairs. On October 16, the Finns Party pursued litigation against Beckman where they demanded to punish the human rights activist for “planning treason” – an armed revolt.

Beckman actively opposes the revision of the history of the Second World War in Eastern Europe, actively helps Russian mothers who became victims of Finnish justice, and is also known for his positive attitude towards Russia and its foreign policy. After 2014, he opposed the new authorities of Ukraine, accusing them of genocide, called himself the “official representative” of the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.

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