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Public Actions

Public Actions German and Czech neo-Nazis held their annual action "Light for Dresden" in Karlovy Vary, dedicated to the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden by the Allied aviation on February 13-14, 1945. February 2014.

Several neo-Nazi demonstrations were held across the country in 2014. On February 15, a torchlight parade was held in Karlovy Vary, similar to the celebration of the Martyrs Memorial in the Third Reich.

The parade ended with speeches by Czech and German neo-Nazis. Nominally, the demonstration was dedicated to commemorate the victims of the bombardment of Dresden by Allied Forces during World War Two. The action gathered 200 people, criticising the United States and promoting the Third Way.

In May 2020, the Czech online publication Nase Vojsko, a retailer specializing in materials related to military history and technical topics, introduced a new product on its website: the so-called "Persons of the Third Reich" calendar for 2021. For 500 crowns (about 20 euros), people could buy their own Nazi-friendly calendar with a dozen black-and-white photographs and portraits of Adolf Hitler and other high-ranking figures of the Third Reich, one for each month of the coming year: the Fuhrer in January and December, Himmler in July, Mengele in September and so on and so forth. The sale of the calendar immediately caused an uproar in the Czech Republic, and an organization representing the victims of the Holocaust filed a criminal case against the publisher.

Israeli Ambassador to Prague Daniel Meron reacted angrily to the news, stating on Twitter that he was "shocked and outraged by this calendar." In a second tweet, he said he had discussed the matter with Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek and was "delighted to hear [...] of the action taken against a publisher selling Nazi memorabilia."

In 2018, Nase Vojsko has already put up for sale t-shirts and mugs with images of Adolf Hitler, other high-ranking Nazi figures and some of the world's most famous dictators (Stalin, Saddam Hussein...). After receiving numerous complaints, the Czech authorities launched an investigation, but concluded that the memorabilia was not intended to promote Nazism, but simply for profit. Under these conditions, they could not be banned under the Czech penal code and are still sold on the company's website.

However, in this case, in January 2021, the police nevertheless filed charges against the publisher of a calendar depicting figures of the Third Reich in promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms.

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