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Incitement of Hatred

Incitement of Hatred About 20,000 Croatian nationalists protest in Vukovar against the introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet (Serbian language and alphabet) in official use in a city inhabited by a significant Serb population. February 2013.

A number of public events were organized by the nationalists surrounding the issue of signs written in Cyrilli, which, according to the requirements of the EU, should be located in areas heavily populated by Serbs. One of these places is Vukovar – a symbolic city for Croatian nationalists, which came under Croatia’s control during the wars in the 1990s.

On April 7th an “anti-Cyrillic” rally took place in Zagreb, attended by about 20,000 people, mostly veterans of the Croatian conflict of 1991-1995. Representatives of the Defence Staff (against Cyrillic alphabet) Vukovar, which unites 300 communities of war veterans demanded that until November 18th (the anniversary of the day when the troops of the Yugoslav army entered Vukovar) a law should be passed that declares the city of Vukovar an everlasting memorial, where Cyrillic will never be administered. One speaker, Tomislav Yakich said: “The German national anthem is not played in Oswiecim. Similarly the Cyrillic alphabet will never stand in Vukovar”.

In early September rallies and protests against the introduction of Cyrillic alphabet took place in Vukovar and Dubrovnik. The largest demonstration took place in Vukovar on September 1st - it gathered 20,000 people On September 2nd four police officers were injured in Vukovar during the riots.

On November 18th, a massive nationalist demonstration took place in Vukovar, commemorating the victims of the war. They did not allow to lay wreaths to Croatia’s leadership.

In early April 2014, a call for a boycott of Serbian trade and other activities in Vukovar appeared online, with the publication of a list of Serb-owned stores, clinics, etc.

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