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Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial Professor Krzysztof Jasevich.

On April 9, 2013, an article of a Polish historian, professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences Krzysztof Yashevich, received some attention. The article was published in a Polish historical magazine “Focus Historia Ekstra”, dedicated to the 70yh anniversary of Warsaw ghetto uprising, and stated that “destruction of European Jews during the World War II was only possible with an active participation of Jews in the killing of their own people” .

On July 3, 2013, a controversial Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that the Nazi Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, did not know about the extermination of the Jews in Poland and the Holocaust which, apparently, was the work of the chief of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, who deliberately kept Hitler unaware of this. Korwin Mickey said he was ready to argue with anyone who believed that Hitler had known about the extermination of the Jews .

In addition, the concept of “two occupations” is actively promoted in Poland, the Nazi and Soviet, making Poles exclusively passive object of history, as well as, going beyond the brackets, passive participation (and in many cases, and active) of Poles in the extermination of the Jews. This theory is the basis for the Institute of National Remembrance. Any attempt to remind about Poland being an accomplice are found extremely painful by the Polish society, as well as the government. On April 24, 2013, it was reported that a Polish ambassador to Germany Jerzy Marganski spoke against the German TV series “Our mothers, our fathers”, where soldiers of the Polish Home Army were portrayed as anti-Semites.

The film “Stubble” encountered quite a bit of hostility and actually split the Polish society. Former Prime Minister, the leader of LaJ, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that he had not watched the movie, and was not going to because it was a lie. Right-wing “Gazeta Polska” described the picture as “harmful to the Poles”. Popular weekly “Wprost” put the portrait of artist M.Stuhr on the cover framed with a Star of David with the headline “Maciej Stuhr is begging to be lynched”. The actor along with other filmmakers were accused of “manipulation of history for the sake of commercial success” and that he “looks like an intellectual of a Kafka novel on the screen rather than a Polish peasant”. A good illustration of the general relation to the topic is the story told in an interview with Colta.ru by the producer of the film D. Jablonsky: “When we rented a farm for the main amount of action, and adapted it to our needs, did all this work, the owner suddenly appeared to and said: “Listen, I heard about what you're shooting, and I tear up the contract. Not because I have something against the topic, but I am very afraid that I will set of fire by those who do not like Jews.”

In July 2016, the Minister of Public Education, Annat Zalewska, publicly stated that she could not say who was the perpetrator of the Jewish pogroms in Yedvabno in 1941 (when fifteen hundred people were killed by their neighbours) and Kielce in 1946, clearly trying to lay the blame on the Nazis or the Soviet special services.

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