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Attacks The gypsies of the city of Andrychow were compelled to resort to self-defense in order to resist the nationalists.

According to the OSCE, 284 hate crimes were recorded in the Czech Republic in 2011; in 2012 – 289; in 2013 - 43. At the same time, according to non-governmental organizations, the number of hate crimes in 2013 was 211. Roma were victims in 58 cases in 2013, among whom there was one dead (in 2012, 47 cases and 5 deaths). There was a case of physical and moral persecution of the Jewish pupil of the school in Přelouč.

Human rights defenders were able to make contact with the 58 victims of such crimes. In 22 cases, the crimes were committed on the basis of hostility towards the Roma, in two cases the attack was against Czechs, six times the criminals choose their victims based on their religion, and the remaining 4 were against the homeless. Statistics show that more often it was a physical assault (15 cases). Cases of blackmail, intimidation or harassment via the Internet were also common. On the facts of these crimes prosecutions were made. In 86 cases, they were associated with participation in the activities of the extreme right.

In early July 2014, director of In IUSTITIA Charity Klara Kalibova published the results of a study “Hate violence and the Roma”. According to her, 32% of Czech Roma have faced hate speech and violence. Two thirds of victims never reported these crimes.

At the same time, in 2014, 32 crimes motivated by xenophobia were reported in 2014, and 20 in 2015, which is explained by the serious measures taken that year by the authorities.

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