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Incitement of Hatred

Incitement of Hatred

Like in most of contemporary Europe, the fight against radicalization and terrorism is viewed as a matter of national priority in the Netherlands. Radicalization refers to an ideological socialization to (religious) extremism that manifests itself as supporting or engaging into violent activities . Recent studies show that both radicalization and societal counter-reactions to it predominantly evolve within symbolic group differentiations , rather than reflecting concrete realities of group interactions. According to the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV), there is evidence about the increasing influence of political Salafism in the Netherlands . According to the governmental sources, a total of around 200 Dutch nationals have gone to Syria and Iraq. Thirty-two Dutch jihadists in Syria and Iraq have been confirmed killed as of 1 June 2015, while around 35 individuals have returned to the Netherlands. The influx of returnees to the Netherlands seems to have stalled in the first quarter of 2015, possibly due in part to a fear of reprisals by ISIS.

In May 2015 Noordhoff Uitgevers released a history book for vocational high schools (see photo on the left), which puts forward the suggestive claim that David

Ben Gurion declared Israeli statehood only after “Jewish militias carried out murders in Arab villages, and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled and settled in refugee camps across the border.” The book makes no mention of any of the many documented Arab atrocities toward Israelis, both over many years prior to Israel’s inception, and during the war of Independence itself. Several months later, another Dutch publisher, Thieme Meulenhoff, released a high school textbook on the Middle East, which claimed that the Balfour Declaration, promising a homeland in British Mandatory Palestine for the Jews, was an attempt to woo Jewish bankers to invest in British war efforts.

On the other hand, the media, especially social networks, portray all Muslims as a threat to Dutch identity.

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