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Xenophobic Rhetoric

Xenophobic Rhetoric Leader of the Freedom Party Gert Wilders.

Leader of the right-wing Freedom Party was most prominent with xenophobic statements. “Warn your neighbours, your colleagues, your friends for the danger of Islamization, a danger to your country, your liberty, your partner, your children,” Geert Wilders said in Dresden on 13 April, 2015.

In an interview to the Fox News, Geert Wilders repeated some of his typical anti-Muslim statements : “I'm certainly not anti-Muslim, but indeed I believe Islam is a threat to our civilization.” He further added that the Netherlands “is based on values that are based on Christianity and Judaism, and that Islam pose really a threat to our freedom.” In responding to a question about Muhhamad, he said: “Muhammad, as a matter of fact, was a terrorist. He was a warmonger. He beheaded Jewish tribes ... I believe that if Muhammad would be alive today, he would be tried and convicted of terrorism.”

In October 2015, the Netherlands witnessed a new wave of violence after Geert Wilders called on supporters to ‘resist’ the setting up of refugee centres. Far right groups mobs organized several violent protests to “disrupt” meetings organized to discuss the location of temporary refugee centers. Halbe Zijlstra, who leads the VVD parliamentary party, received a letter with a bullet and two cars belonging to a local Groen Links representatives were set on fire. In reaction to these incidents, the leaders of all the main Dutch political parties, including Wilders, have issued a joint appeal for an end to threats and intimidation in the debate over refugees.

It is possible to note the racist statements of the representatives of the police of The Hague. Commissioner Paul van Mouscher said on television that the Dutch of Moroccan origin are “culturally wild at heart”. “These notorious residents of the streets are more than just rude,” he said, adding that their craving for crime was “at the genetic level”.

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