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Treatment of Minorities

Treatment of Minorities

There are strong signs of anti-Roma, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments in the Irish society.

A study among immigrant teenagers (aged 10-17) conducted in 2010 revealed that 6% of them are often subjected to abuse and bullying.

In June 2014, the "Hate and Hostility Research Group" and the "Irish Research Council" published a report which highlighted the anti-Muslim racism in Ireland. 58% of Muslim respondents had experienced racism in the past 4 years. 36% of respondents believe that they have been subjected to racism because they were identified as Muslims, and 22% reported that they were victims of years of physical attacks. These attacks ranged from punches and jolts to tearing the hijab off and spitting.

On the other hand, on August 20, a sociological survey was published by The Sunday Times, which revealed that 86% of Irish people support homosexual relations, and 75% believe that same-sex couples must have the right to adopt children.

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